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Unishelf.co.uk is a small, tech start-up with big aspirations. We believe that used textbooks have a longer “shelf life” than the average 3 years most students use them. So why not make some money back form them? In essence, we are a marketplace that provides, “Textbooks for students. Sold by students!" 

At Unishelf we believe we have built a simple, engaging platform that gets strait to the point. It allows students past, present and future to engage with each other to find out more about the textbooks they are about to buy and their relevance to your studies.

There may be a few glitches along the way as we are currently in BETA phase so bare with us as we iron out these problems. If you do have any problems use our help section or ask us a question and well try to answer or resolve it as soon as possible.



Unishelf Admin.